Belted Ammunition Style Makeup Organization System

By cosmetics brand Ellis Fass:

A “How To” video:

An interesting homage to military linked ammunition.  As seen in the pictures you can connect any amount of pens in a row using the clip system.

Is losing makeup a problem women face on a daily basis?  I don’t know… and being foreveralone I don’t have a girl right now I can ask.  I’m sure most women would like the idea of a cool new accessory such as this which they can show off to their friends though… even if it is proprietary to the brand.

No word yet if a Simpsons inspired automatic makeup gun (pictured left) is in the works.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

More info and pictures over at Ellis Faas.



One response to “Belted Ammunition Style Makeup Organization System”

  1. Losing it isn’t really an issue in my experience with women, but organizing it is. This is a cool idea.