Dot Camo Collection

A collaboration between Japanese labels The Contemporary Fix and Swagger:


The camo pattern is British woodland.   The polka dots make this collection less wearable in my opinion, but I suppose that’s probably part of the allure for a lot of people.  Something this obscure is bound to turn some heads and make a statement.

Available for purchase over at Magaseek where the shorts are ¥21,840 ($280 USD), Jacket is ¥43,890 ($560 USD), vest ¥22,890 ($292), and cropped pants are ¥26,040 ($332).

What do you guys think?  Head to toe camo a good look for fall?  If not would you at least cop one of these items to wear as an accent piece?


8 responses to “Dot Camo Collection”

  1. Shorts are cool, but that price is way out of my league

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re the first comment Joe! Exciting! (for me anyway haha)

  2. Fashion for me (not much) entails either the top our bottom being a more solid color with either a design or more exciting color. Camo pants with a solid color shirt for example. Full camo designer outfit may be pretty stylish for the most trendy or early adopters, but not for the masses. Tl;dr nah.

    Also, as long as you don’t do less updates to ENDO, this will be cool. Expand your reader base

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ENDO definitely will not suffer! I created this blog because I look at all this stuff anyway, and the commentary goes on in my head. I figured why not put it down in post form like I do with ENDO and see if anyone cares haha.

      1. Me drunk gusta. Okay endo Mike! I support ye!

  3. Hi. I love the camo pattern. As a British soldier I am sad to see it replaced with multicam as is happening currently. In my opinion the dots are disgusting. Ps the pattern is called “woodland DPM” (disruptive pattern material)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Multicam seems to be taking over everywhere (including fashion)! Oh well I guess whatever works best in the field.

  4. Not my style or price range, but the camo is cool.