Maiden Noir 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

Notable items from heavily military influenced “Rise of the Seventh” traveling capsule collection:

Desert tiger strip long sleeve shirt  ¥19,950 ($255 USD) and hat ¥6,090 ($78) collaboration with Japanese brand Challenger

A very subtle camouflage on this collaboration with hat brand New Era.  It’s like the camouflage is just a same thread color texture woven into the fabric (click the picture to enlarge).  Very nice looking stuff. Long sleeve shirt ¥22,800 ($291 USD) , Hat ¥6,000 ($77 USD) , and Pants ¥19,800 ($253 USD).

Another subtle camo adorns most of the offerings in this bag collab with Japanese brand Head Porter.  I’m not sure I care for the bastardized PALS loops, but I suppose they might work well for grabbing or tying something else onto them.

This collection will be shown at Pop-up Stores at the following locations:

Tokyo: 9/15 ~ 9/30 at Stussy Harajuku Chapt
New York: 10/5 ~ 10/14 at Stussy NYC
Toronto: 10/19 ~ 11/4 at HAVEN
Los Angeles: 11/2 ~ 11/24 at OUR FAVORITE SHOP / OFS
Seattle: 11/16 ~ 12/2 at TOTOKELO

Source – EyesCream

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One response to “Maiden Noir 2012 Fall/Winter Collection”

  1. I like the backpack, but damn that tan shirt is ugly in my opinion.