Maharishi Camouflage Pashmina

An interesting Japanese culture related disruptive pattern:

My ignorance initially led me down the path of making fun of the word “Pashmina” when I started writing this post.  All these years I thought it was just a fancy name for a scarf.  I did some googling and according to the dictionary, pashmina is a fabric or garment made from pashm.  What’s pashm you ask?  Well kind sirs, pashm is the fine wooly underhair of goats raised in Northern India.

Available in navy, olive, and charcoal at Union Los Angeles for $258.  When you think of it, the price is probably reasonable considering the wooly underhair of the goat used isn’t coming from any domestic goat farm.

Maharishi is a London, England based brand which has a lot of other interesting offerings you can check out over at their website.