Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane Mulholland Master Jacket

A vintage motorcycle jacket with design cues taken from military field/air jackets:

The MF S/c “MULHOLLAND MASTER” pattern is inspired by vintage 1960s British Motorcycle riding gear, 1940’s US Paratrooper jackets and other military coats. It combines modified patterns, US military hardware and original MF S/c detailing to create a unique ‘ultimate’ winter coat suitable for riding and other outdoor activities.

More pics and details, and you pick one up for $900 in Black or Brown waxed cotton over at MisterFreedom.

Also check out the website of Japanese brand Sugar Cane whom this was a collab with.

Hat tip: San


4 responses to “Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane Mulholland Master Jacket”

  1. Damn, I kinda wish I had $900 laying around. And a motorcycle.

  2. Been in the market for a good leather.

    Adam hit up ebay. Usually you can find designer clothing for at lot less on there. Lots of people risk buying online and then find stuff doesn’t fit and cannot be returned.

    Ebay feedback will usually tell you if stuff is legit or not.

  3. hydepark Avatar

    This is one badass jacket. I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t snatched it up for some movie or another. This thing really reminds me of The Rocketeer.

  4. Gunter Avatar

    What sizes are available and where can I buy or order it? Can I get a ph. nr. to call?