Topo Designs Camouflage Mini Duffel Bag

A purse for dudes that DGAF about societal norms:

From the description on their website:

Sometimes you just need to carry a few things, glasses, camera, keys, you know the drill. The Mini Duffel fits the bill.

If you buy this 12×6″ “mini duffel bag” I suggest you get a witty comeback ready for when you hear “nice purse bro”.

$69 at Topo Designs, and made in Colorado.  I should also mention that the building they manufacture this bag in is LEED certified haha.  They thought that was important enough to mention, which got me wondering if there are hipsters out there that only buy from LEED certified manufacturers.


One response to “Topo Designs Camouflage Mini Duffel Bag”

  1. I carried my books in a DDR East German military map case through most of high school. I didn’t get any flak but I don’t associate with alpha male douche bags. It’s the crab-in-a-bucket mentality.