Prodigy From Mobb Deep x SUPRA

Some decent looking shoes at a reasonable price point:

The rap to clothing crossover is nothing new.  As long as decent products keep being released though I’m on board with any collab.

Prodigy talks about himself and SUPRA:

You can grab the Backwood ($120) and the Bandit ($75) over at SUPRA.

I had to put on the original Temperature’s Rising joint while writing this.


One response to “Prodigy From Mobb Deep x SUPRA”

  1. Okay, I’m back. I read the reply on the navy sweater and I think I’m starting to see what you’re saying. Sometimes it’s easy to be a little over-critical online, too, so I need to watch that. Really awesome shoes for a good price. Waiting to buy a pair of the Bandits because I can’t decide what colors I like best. I’m liking the more recent posts, too.