Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle

Confederate motorcycles just got on my radar with their badass new fuel injected V-Twin:

Promo video:

On August 29, 2012, James Hoegh successfully piloted the first Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat prototype to a top speed of 172.211 mph, making it the world’s fastest big block American V-twin motorcycle ever…

I was kind of “over” motorcycles for a bit… I want this one bad though.  The incredible engineering is a good enough reason to own one of these; I’d have to park it inside the house.

Limited to 36 handcrafted bikes available for $72,000 over at Confederate.  There is also a non-combat version of the X132 available for $50,000 that is similar but not as optimized as the combat version.

What’s not to like about this thing?!


One response to “Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle”

  1. AMAZING! Do want!