Fitness Model Lauren Berlingeri – Navy SEAL Training Experience

On her show Woman v. Workout:

Some of it looks like fun, but a lot of it just looks painful.

At least she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.


One response to “Fitness Model Lauren Berlingeri – Navy SEAL Training Experience”

  1. Nakedgun Avatar

    She did an excellent job! I have to admit, I didn’t think she would have the tough mindset to finish but she proved me wrong…. Although, she was correct about them keying-in on your weaknesses… back-talking would not be tolerated, and would probably lead to team-consequences..
    I have participated in several of these evolutions, and they are not easy. They push you to your limits of endurance, physically and mentally. You MUST have a prepared physical-mindset to attempt these evolutions. It’s all built around creating a bullet-proof mindset; all of these evolutions derive from mission-situations (the cold, the exhaustion, and mental-fatigue all train you to KNOW you can overcome).
    Best two words I ever heard, “Class Secure!”