Harry Potter Reporting For Duty Sir

CNN takes a look at invisible camouflage technology:

You can read more information on Quantum Stealth camouflage technology over at HyperSteath. Hard to believe a company with such a terrible logo and website came up with such an awesome sounding product.  The public hasn’t actually seen real pictures of the camouflage yet (that picture to the left is a photoshop) which is quite sketchy.

hahah at 0:46 where the guy is clicking through Photoshop filters.  Is that supposed to impress us?  I always assumed camouflages were based on custom complex algorithms, not goofy photoshop effects.

Interesting stuff if this actually works as they say it does.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.


3 responses to “Harry Potter Reporting For Duty Sir”

  1. Their company and products are 100% vapor ware.

    They dont have the technology, or the skillset to manufacture anything they claim to manufacture.

    For starters… The logo and website is complete garbage.
    Second…. Yeah, that was a guy clicking through photoshop filters… how fucking pathetic that was to watch. Third, these guys might as well be using their dog or cat on their website. Is that his daughter? Jesus christ… Reminds me of a nightmare client “Oh how cool would it be to have my dog, Roxy, in the upper right left corner with a comic book bubble saying ‘ i love my [insert product name] you should buy 10!’ oh my god that would be so awesome! Oh while your there can I watch you work? I want to make sure Roxy looks the best! Amazing! Oh and Ii showed the website toa few of my friends, and they think the background should be more pink, and the logo MUCH MUCH bigger! Thanks”


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I ENDO-Mike wholeheartedly approve this comment.

  2. “”Quantum Stealth” Mock-up. These photos are to show the Media the concept, for security issues we can not show the actual technology.”

    *cough bullshit cough*

    Because there is no technology… this guy is a laughing stock. ‘Ive watched this page and their “technology” for about a year or two now and they just add these hypotheticals and nonsense. If he actually had something, he would show it…


    this is the closest and it’s projector and goggle based.. Nonsense.