Merry Christmas From MILcentric


Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I have had a lot of fun posting on this site the last few months, and even though hardly anyone comments I see the numbers increasing so people must be enjoying it.  Thanks so much for spreading the word!  I may try to provoke more participation later one, but in the end it’s all a matter of opinion when dealing clothing… do you like the item?  are you OK with the price? etc… nothing too ground breaking to discuss.  Feel free though to comment whenever you want, and know that I read every one of them.

I’ll be continuing posting in 2013, and you can even look forward to the first MILcentric related product which will be sold through my other division ENDO Apparel.

Thanks again!



2 responses to “Merry Christmas From MILcentric”

  1. beefjerkly Avatar

    I really dig your blogs (this and endo). Keep up the good work; looking forward to another year. Merry Christmas.

    1. i agree. love this and endo. thanks endo-mike…merry christmas to you and yours and a blessed 2013….and you too beefjerkly