Tangzhuang BAPE Camo Classic

Bape did what they do best, and threw some camo on this traditional Chinese Garment:


This is what it looks like reversed:


$1020 over at BAPE store China and BAPE store Bejing.

A lot of money, but it does look pretty badass in reversed mode… if you can pull something like that off.  Interested idea.


2 responses to “Tangzhuang BAPE Camo Classic”

  1. good lord. when i saw the head line “TANGZHUANG BAPE CAMO CLASSIC” i read “TANGZHUANG RAPE CAMO”
    i had images of DR Congo in my head.
    i don’t care for the jacket either.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I was drinking coffee just as I read your comment. Nice one haha.