BAPE Two Face Plain / Camo Shark Chucks

The Bape Shark Ape Sta:


Yes that’s the same shoe… mind blowing huh?  One side you’ve got your duck-esque BAPE camo, an eye and a mouth, then on the other side a classic navy (pictured) or black with the other half of the shark face.  To make it even more mind blowing, the shoes are not even a mirror image of each other… on the right side you’ll just see camo, on the left side you’ll just see the solid color.

Available at BAPE retailers world wide.  I’m too lazy to call any of them for the price because I’m assuming two things: 1) None of you care, because you don’t want them anyway, and 2) It’s safe to say they are going to be at least 20x more expensive than the Chuck Taylor All Stars they are based off.