Vans Dot Camo – Stunt On Them With Subtlety

Occasionally the quietest shoes speak the loudest:


You like that heading line?  Sheeeeeeeeeit.  I was pretty damn proud of it, I might have to start TM’ing phrases on some of you biters.

When I was growing up Vans were considered Airwalk’s for poor kids. Vans never stopped grinding though, and now they are more successful and bigger than ever.  I bet if you asked a high school kid about Airwalk he’d blow out the crotch in his skinny jeans laughing, and call you a name your lame ass would have to urbandictionary.

$90 over at Vans.


5 responses to “Vans Dot Camo – Stunt On Them With Subtlety”

  1. Now Airwalk is available exclusively at Payless. How the mighty have fallen.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha yea

      1. As a poor kid BMX freestyler in 1986, what I REALLY wanted were Vision Street Wear.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I think I vaguely recall that logo! I don’t remember anyone I knew having anything by them though.

  2. $90 for a pair of vans seems ridiculous. that patternd doesn’t do a lot for me, but i do appreciate the subtle approach.