Camo Nike Air Max 1 Camo Geriatric

Be the trillest OG in the nursing home:


I remember back in the early 1990s I thought the Nike Air Max silhouette was ill because it looked ahead of its time.  Well “its time” must have been the late 1990s, because ever since then I thought they looked ridiculous on people.  That chunky sole tapering to a point? The air window?  *Pusha-t style yeeeeeechhh*

If I was styling the elderly I’d definitely scoop some of these up for the looks.  Animal print for the grandmas, tiger stripe for the grandpas.  Better believe I’d coordinate the pattern with color matched custom painted tennis ball sliders for their walkers too.

Available online Feb 13th at Atmos Tokyo for ¥13,650 ($145 USD).


2 responses to “Camo Nike Air Max 1 Camo Geriatric”

  1. Why did they have to do that?
    Leopard with Chocolate chips? Really ?

    The tiger stripe/black is kinda cool, but why the lizard/snake skin?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea who knows.