Jay-Z Mentions Your Brand In A Song – License To Do Whatever Approved

Case in point: Dries Van Noten


€701 ($939 USD) over at Tres Bien Shop.

Yea looks like rust camouflage, I don’t even know… but none of that matters because if you’ll recall the Jay-Z / Kanye song Murder To Excellence line – “I dress in Dries, and other boutique stores in Paris”.  Boom, instant do-whatever-the-hell-you-want-and-print-money-doing-it license approved.  You crazy for this one Jay.

ENDO rhymes with a lot of things, I think Jay should name drop me a few times so I can buy those penthouses and cars I’ve been salivating over.  You know I’m all about those quick triple matte black joints, which I’d probably even get camo wrapped accents on.

Jay-Z, holla at your boy;  I’ll send you free shirts!


2 responses to “Jay-Z Mentions Your Brand In A Song – License To Do Whatever Approved”

  1. Oliver Stone Avatar
    Oliver Stone

    Wow could you be right? whos next 40 oz. Van haha. Oh and by the way you already got a product placement shout out with Snoop Lion. You might remember “Gin and Juice” featuring a PHD in Gangster Funkology and shitty chinese headphones. So I say ENDOs got a little creative authority to fuck around with g. Cant wait for an ENDO X BlackWater X Supreme collab.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha ENDO X BlackWater X Supreme would be ill.