Camouflage K-Way Jacket

Just for kicks, today I’m running an Usher double header:


Like that camouflage jacket he stylin’ on the paparazzi in? It can be yours for £190 ($288 USD) over at Hensch Man. It’s waxed canvas so you know it will bead those raindrops with the quickness, and age nicely doing it.

Since you asked, I’m an Usher purist that still bumps that ’97 shit.  Nice and Slow is my jam.  What do you know about that?

Hat tip: UpscaleHype


2 responses to “Camouflage K-Way Jacket”

  1. This should be a meme contest, his face has so many different outcomes. Keep up the kick ass site(s)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha agreed on the meme thing. Glad you like the site! Thanks Joe!