Doc Martens Shit Kickers For The Steezy Not The Skinheads


Doc Martens burst into mainstream fame, and earned a cult like following amongst white supremacists after their intense product placement in the 1999 movie American History X.  Check this stomach turning scene for an example:

Doc-Martens-ClassicsI totally made that shit up about product placement and bursting into mainstream fame because of it.  Doc Martens were popular in the 90s in lots of different sub cultures.  It was always the shined up high boots you see pictured left though.

A cursory glance at their website actually shows they have some decent other non-camouflage offerings as well.  Maybe I’ll have to pick up a pair in an effort to erase the goth / white supremacist stigma attached to the brand from my memory.

I digress though… that camouflage boot is based on their 1460 classic model (same as the black one to the left).  No word on the price yet, but you can expect them to be available on their website and at stockists worldwide. I’ll definitely be picking up a pair if I can find any.


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  1. PrzFghtr Avatar

    Such a great movie!