M-65 Jacket For Filthy Hippies

I can smell the patchouli and unwashed hair just looking at this picture:


Source – Honeyee

Neighborhood normally makes some solid M-65s, but what the hell is this shit?  Did some Vietnam protesting hippy feel like he missed out of the fashion from that war, so he had to customize the jackets with a bunch of feminine looking embroidery and patches to make a statement?  Me: “Cool flowers bro.” Hippy: *throws up piece sign* “Wanna buy some weed?”

I’m going to have to pass on this…  3 out of 4 of the arm embellishments look like they would be easily removable, but everything else you’d be stuck with.

¥75,600 ($833 USD) and also available in Navy and Tan over at Neighborhood’s Harajuku dealer.


3 responses to “M-65 Jacket For Filthy Hippies”

  1. Other than the flowers, it looks more like Native American influenced motifs rather than 60’s dirty hippy imagery. The crossed flags and the eagle look pretty cool.

  2. Ditto Guav. dig it cept the hippie flowers. maybe a viking pacth over that would do it justice.

  3. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    Aren’t M65’s like, what, $50 at surplus sites?