Predicament Of Style And Stunting

Perfect example:


What you see there is a re-issue of Victorinox Swiss Army’s first watch (*cough* timepiece).  Notice that classic leather band, with the extra piece of leather behind the watch band itself just to lay nice and comfortably on the wrist.  This is where the game gets changed… see that innocent looking leather dome beside the watch?  Well that’s to cover up the entire watch head, making you look like you have some sort of round leather brick on your wrist, and to likely protect the mineral crystal too. Check a screen shot of the watch in cover-up mode below:


A promo video featuring the watch:

A definite predicament of style and stunting.  Sure we’re talking Swiss Army money on the wrist, but as long as your not one of those herbs that I constantly hear taking that “man I have a cellphone, what do I need a watch for?” shit, then flaunt it if you got it.  I’m torn on this once, because I’m one of those guys that spent compact-car money on a watch (Rolex Submariner), and although I do have face-covering straps I put on it occasionally just to switch things up, ultimately I find myself drawn back to the factory steel bracelet.  Why?  Because it’s shinier and the whole world knows what’s on your wrist.  Actually that last part is a lie… I realized that 99.99999% of the people I encounter on a yearly basis couldn’t give two shits about an expensive watch, and they would probably be more impressed with a fluorescent band G-Shock… even if they were shown them side by side.  So I guess I’ll just default back to the “because it’s shinier” statement then.   It’s the small pleasures in life like catching the glare off of it while I’m driving, or temporarily blinding a MILF in Starbucks as I do one of those “Look at the watch but not actually the time” type checks, just because.

Even the goat in that video screenshot is peeping the old man’s steeze in his peripheral.

More info and pictures on the Victorinox website.  The price on the watch isn’t shown online, but it will be available in select stores soon. I’m guessing ~$300 territory.


2 responses to “Predicament Of Style And Stunting”

  1. Looks like it’s made after US WWII paratrooper’s watches, protected from shining and being scratched by the same kind of leather bracelet with a leather cover…

  2. Roughshod Avatar

    For a guy that rugged you’d think he’d be better at splitting firewood. Definite fail there. I’ve seen cub scouts do better.