Polkadotted Digital Camouflage

Supreme x Comme Des Garcons… wow this is hard on the eyes:






I just posted a few of the pieces, but they are all equally as hideous.  You can check out all 29 pages worth of pictures in the lookbook over at Supreme.  I feel that the two solid color dress shirts with the sleeve accents are the most wearable, but you wouldn’t catch me spending Supreme capsule collection money on those.

I’m not the biggest fan of digital camouflages on streetwear in the first place, then they go and put contrast polkadots on it?  *Pusha-T Yeeeeechhhh*

In my opinion Supreme is really coming across as a “Tryhard” brand lately.


One response to “Polkadotted Digital Camouflage”

  1. those gawdawful dots hurt my eyes. is it some anti drone device? ouch.