Jay Leno Looks At The U.S. ARMY’s Latest Vehicle

The FED (Fuel Efficient Demonstrator):

The FED employs plenty of carbon fiber and aluminum as a weight-reducing measure, which helps give this four-seater a 30-percent improvement in fuel economy over current military vehicles. Yet even after such a significant increase in efficiency, the FED only gets seven miles per gallon. Under the carbon fiber hood, the FED is powered by a turbocharged and supercharged Cummins four-cylinder engine putting out 200 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque. That helps produce enough power to allow the 15,000-pound FED to have a top speed of almost 75 miles per hour. (Source)

US-ARMY-FED-VehicleMore pictures and info over at Jay Leno’s garage.

Holy, that is a serious vehicle.


2 responses to “Jay Leno Looks At The U.S. ARMY’s Latest Vehicle”

  1. Regulus Avatar

    I wonder if any Alex Jones listeners or coast to coast listeners saw this while driving home from work. LOL. bet they freaked out a little bit..

    for the record…i listen to both radio programs. haha.

  2. Roughshod Avatar

    I’m sure that aluminum will be just as good for armor as the steel version was. Right?