Givenchy Goes Full Retard With Airplane Print

In related news ENDO is in the wrong niche market:


Looking at the t-shirt by itself it’s really hard to even focus because so much is going on.  A closer look reveals layers of WWII style fighter planes, superimposed overtop of a closeup of the propeller area of one of those planes.  There is some mean looking weather going on in the background, some obligatory stars and crests, and what looks like the Gang Starr logo in the center as well, … and that’s just the front!  On the back we see the stars continue along the neck, some clouds and some jersey style numbers.

How much you ask?  A measly $800 over at Bergdorf Goodman.

W T F?  Oh I get it… this is one of those things that is so retarded and expensive, that if you actually own it then you’re automatically better than everyone else *eye roll*.  I actually saw this t-shirt and the similar looking hoodie ($1170 for that) at a local menswear boutique and said to the salesman “I bet strictly high school hypebeasts buy these.” to which he replied “Ya, mainly with they come in with their parents and that’s what they want… we sell out of the popular sizes quickly”.  No surprise there.  I’d hope as a grown man, even a grown rich man, one would have enough taste and appreciation for the value of a dollar to not waste 800 of them on such an awful looking t-shirt.  Oh and please, if you’re ever planning on pairing a graphic print shirt that looks anything like this, with a plaid long-sleeve DON’T.  Do yourself and the world a favor and turn that shirt into a makeshift noose in your nearest closet.  

Additionally, if you clicked on one of the above links and were like “Whoa there’s a bomber jacket in that print.  WANT!” even after you saw the close-up of it and realized it was $2185, I really have nothing insulting enough on the tip of my tongue that I feel would accurately express how I feel about you.

On the non-military related clothing tip, Givenchy did have quite a few great looking t-shirts in the past such as the Great White Shark, and the Rottweiler.  No matter what the price is, the really unfortunate part of being such a high profile brand is everything that looks even remotely good gets played out really quick because Kanye wears it immediately and then every stylist on earth throws it on their celebrity clients.


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    lol@ putting the gangstarr logo in the middle of all that..