RRL Ralph Lauren Vest With No Place For Armor

Are you man enough to rock a vest that doesn’t come with soft / hard armor?


I gotta give it up for the use of frog skin camouflage, the two oversized pockets, and that fly asymmetric chest pocket.  The tonal tan trim is like the good looking glue that holds it all together too.

RRL has been killing it in the vintage clothing game for a while now, so if you’re not yet familiar make sure to take a look.

Are vests too metro for you though?  I’ve never been much for vests, so I’m kind of on the fence as what I would do with this in a street wear setting.  Off the top of my head I’d probably throw a nice button up with some texture on underneath it, roll up the sleeves, put some jeans on and just lamp.  In a not giving a shit setting I’d go shirtless underneath it in an effort to blend some of the farmer tan I’m already getting a start on.  Those pockets look like they would hold at least one beer can each. Damn, just talking through this out loud to you guys is starting to make this vest look pretty damn good in my opinion.

$390 over at Ralph Lauren.

Hat tip: Cliff


One response to “RRL Ralph Lauren Vest With No Place For Armor”

  1. the preice is too metro. i do like the camo pattern and the cut of the vest though. maybe good for fishing (cuz, fish can see you coming….)