Military Patch Vest – This Is What Winning At Losing Looks Like

I’m impressed in more ways than one at how ridiculous this is:


What you’re LOL’ing at is the Artisanal Patch Gilet (Gilet is a fancy french name for vest) from Maison Martin Margiela.  From a fashion standpoint this is pure genius.  The fact Margiela created this vest solely from military patches gives it a uniqueness and an edge that people in the industry crave.  I can’t help but picture two main demographics for this vest though… one of course being the high fashion young guy or girl with a lot of money who unsurprisingly want to show off how edgy / unique they are.  The second being the basement dwelling nerd with rich parents who would wear this non stop, covered in thick layer of Cheeto dust while PWNING newbs online in Call Of Duty 20 hours per day.  Sadly I wish I could have found a picture for this post which featured the latter.

£1,090 ($1670 USD) over at Oki-Ni.