Case Of The Gay Dude And The Camo Scoop Neck Raglan Tee

Street spotted this out on my walk today:


Picture a Jared Leto looking guy about 6″6′ in height weighing 90lbs with that hanging off of him.  Yea I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was gay… don’t get all bent out of shape.  I don’t care that he was gay, he wore that shirt with authority and I almost felt like telling him that.  Do gay guys ever get compliments from straight guys?  Probably not, it’s a slippery slope I’m assuming most don’t want to tread near.  Regardless, this guy didn’t have a care in the world that his shirt was clearly from the women’s department, good for him.  I like how society is going toward less people caring about trivial shit like that too.  Old people though you need to watch out for… they will continue to drop offensive gay and racist statements at any moment.

$34 from Urban Outfitters if you want to make a blurring gender lines type statement, or if you have a girlfriend you think would look hot in it.

If they made a men’s crewneck raglan with this theme I would be all over it.


4 responses to “Case Of The Gay Dude And The Camo Scoop Neck Raglan Tee”

  1. Hey Mike do you totally stop this blog?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hey, I just lost my momentum on it and unfortunately stopped. I’ll get it up and running again soon!

  2. LandosaurusRex Avatar

    Yo man, I liked this blog. Wish you would update more.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’m going to try to get back at it soon! Glad you liked it.