Buying Jackets With Enough Pockets For All Your Contraband

One of my favorite outerwear brands Ten C, with this Olive snow smock:



Definite M-65 inspired design cues, but sauced up with a badass hood and removable belt.  I don’t really have much to say about this jacket besides the fact it has a nice vintage look which will wear well, and the 5 external pockets coupled with a pocket or two inside should definitely provide enough space for all your contraband.  Honestly, when you buy a jacket that should definitely be high on your requirements checklist.

The hand printed size and red wax seal of their logo on the inside is too legit.  I put that in the idea vault for things I should for ENDO someday.

Grab this snow smock over at The Bureau for a cool £800 ($1277 USD).



3 responses to “Buying Jackets With Enough Pockets For All Your Contraband”

  1. I agree the handwritten label is cool.
    Big buttons for closing pockets, build-in hood and angled upper pockets make me think more of British smocks, with a US WW2 jump suit belt.

    I tend to see M42 US Jump suits features everywhere, it’s kind of a bias I have…

    Nice jacket (I guess it’s the least we can expect for this price range…, seriously what justifies to be that expensive? The label is handwritten by Chris Costa? Buttons are sewn by J.Lo?)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oh shit, good call on the M42!

      You’re definitely paying a premium for the Italian made, the construction, and the material.

  2. Gabriel Hunter Avatar
    Gabriel Hunter

    TEN C is a labor of love designed by a pair of hardcore military inspired Europeans. Both are veteran designers for Stone Island and now head up CP Company. All the TEN C garments are made from a unique knit fabric called OJJ. What is sometimes called a technical fabric. It is highly waterproof and durable. I believe it is used for convertible soft tops on cars. Each piece from them is intended to last the rest of your life. Something that ages with you over time and just gets better. Or so they say. I purchased one and love it. If you are interested these jackets aren’t so hard to find on sale and heavily discounted. Check out their website for the full story. It may not be your thing but if it is you will love it. IMHO.