Flagrant Flexing By Showing Off The Interior

Nanamica flips it and reverses it:



Nanamica makes a lot of cool shit.  This isn’t surprising because the company is Japanese, and they operate on a whole other abstract plane when it comes to cutting and sewing fabric together.  Like in the case of this field jacket… the three different shades of green (that “forest” green for the shoulder and elbow patches I wouldn’t even consider a military color) is an interesting move.  I’m not mad at it though, it just works.

I like how in a display of flagrant flexing, the retailer shows off the interior of the jacket.  This starts in picture 5/7 when they are like “oh check out how we casually folded open the corner… you like?”… then 6/7 they are like “fuck it, we’re going in” where they full on turn the jacket inside out, and 7/7 the ultimate flex is when some branded seam taping is zoomed in on and revealed.  What do you know about branded seam taping?  Nothing? Yea, I thought so.

Is that lower interior woodland camouflage pocket made to fit sunglasses?  Damn that’s hot.

£567 ($907 USD) over at Oi Pollio where you get a 20% VAT “Value Added Tax” tax placed on you if you’re from the European Union.  Not sure what “value” is being added for EU customers; why you gotta be like that EU government?  Just quit fronting and call it a LOLBWCT (LOL Because We Can Tax).



One response to “Flagrant Flexing By Showing Off The Interior”

  1. Forest Green, isn’t it a color denomination of the USMC?

    The only thing with this jacket is that it seems it’s been cut for big dudes. Narrow shoulders, bellow waist.
    Just like Fruity Rudy (quoted from Gen Kill, I don’t know if Rudy Reyes actually said it), I don’t dress like no pimp queen… I wear clothes that are body conscious.

    And this jacket, although it seems all military and tough and all, doesn’t seem to make one look at his advantage, does it?