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  • Shots Fired At Over All Master Cloth

    Just in case you thought kevlar shoes would save your feet from a barrage of gunfire: Good looking shoe.  Trust OAMC to do it right. I’ve never been as much for low’s as mid’s though.  Hopefully these will drop in a mid, and blow my mind. You can grab these for $868 over at UNION.

  • Be Honest Do You Actually Like Camping, Or Are You Just Poor?

    Carhartt WIP x Salewa Tent will stylishly keep the rain out (and likely “camping stink” in): I haven’t done huge amounts of camping, but I’ve done enough to know the different types of people who camp.  First off you have the people who camp because then genuinely love the outdoors and being close to nature.  Secondly you have the people that…

  • Carhartt WIP Camouflage Michigan Coat

    Carhartt doesn’t play around when it comes to workwear. If you’re not familiar with Carhartt, and you check out their website you’ll notice that workwear is synonymous with bland.  Carhart WIP on the other hand (if you were not a business major WIP means Work In Progress) is quite a bit more stylish and they use a broad…