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  • Esemplare – Like That Menu Item Your New Girl Insisted On Ordering

    Esemplare is an Italian brand that makes ill jackets with military design cues, but their name is ambiguous at best. Ever been at a nice restaurant with a new girl looking over the appetizer menu, and she’s like “Lets order the Esemplare, I LOOOOOOOOVEEEE Esemplare” and you’re like “Yea same.  We should definitely roll with…

  • Swerving In Your Desert Digi Fishy

    Woolrich has got you covered for when you’re looking to dodge raindrops and gold diggers: A collab with USA’s own Woolrich Woolen Mills and the omnipresent camo king Mark McNairy.  100% cotton rip stop fabric, handwarmer pockets for maintaining that coziness, and a “high stance” hood.  What?  You only fuck with regular stance hoods?  It’s 2013…

  • Fishtailing With Ace Hotel x Alpha Industries

    Get your swerve on in this waterproof M-65 fishtail parka collab: Good looking parka, and the price isn’t bad either at $300.  Alpha Industries makes some quality stuff, so you know you’re good on that end.  Ace Hotel has been known for quality products since the beginning too.  Click the price link for detail shots.