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  • Jeremy Scott Adidas Plush Camouflage Bear High Top Shoes

    The most ridiculous collab ever with Jeremy Scott… and that’s saying a lot:       $289 available for pre-order over at LuisaViaRoma.  Arrival by March 31st. The fact the shoe exists is bad enough.  $289? :/.  The fact it will likely sell out just because Jeremy Scott was involved?  Strike III.  

  • Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow M16 Sunglasses

    If the military made these standard issue it would further complicate “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”: There would definitely be some fabulous soldiers walking around.  How much more would enemies hate the U.S. if they knew everyone had ~$500 designer sunglasses issued as a part of their kit.   Sheeeeeeeeeeit…. almost makes me wish it would happen. Available…