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  • Stussy x Converse Patchwork Assorted Camouflage Shoes

    When one camouflage doesn’t satisfy your insatiable hunger: Source – SneakerNews I count at least 4 different patterns.  Interesting concept.  I like how they kept the front of the show black, and then used a contrasting lace color. $128 at Stussy Chapter stores.

  • Pals Don’t Let Pals Buy Bags Covered In Imitation PALS Webbing

    Bag / protective case maker InCase teams up with legendary streetwear brand Stussy: Obviously not real PALS webbing.  I’m thinking 99.9999% of the target market will not even know what PALS is or care, but it bothers me either way.  If all you’re doing is wrapping a headphone cord here or there, or in need…

  • Stussy x Schott MA-1 Flight Jacket

    Another simple but solid collab between Stussy and Schott: Nothing really exceptional here, but the camouflage in the hood and leather detail on the chest is a nice touch. Available for ¥41,790 ($515 USD) over at Stussy. You might remember that Stussy and shot also recently worked on a Waxed M65 jacket and a U.S. Navy Pea…

  • STUSSY X SCHOTT – Waxed M65 Jacket

    Staying fairly close to the classic military M65 aesthetic: Made by American leather jacket manufacturer Schott NYC who also did the U.S. Navy pea coat collab with Stussy and also a nice leather one with Supreme. The Waxed exterior on this is a nice addition that will make the jacket water-resistant and wind proof. Available at Stussy…

  • Stussy x Schott – U.S. Navy Pea Coat

    A classic coat design updated with a diagonal zipper: Made by American leather jacket manufacturer Schott NYC. ¥41,790 ($526 USD) over at Stussy. If you’re into pea coats, take a look at the leather collab Schott did with Supreme.

  • Holden x Stussy Outerwear Collection

    A few new military inspired items out of this collab, along with some hipster videos: The Videos: M-51 Fishtail Jacket: CPO Field Shirt: Available at Stussy and at Holden.  $165 for the CPO field shirt, $400 for the M-65 Jacket, and $300 for the M-51 Fishtail Jacket.