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  • IVI DPM Sunglasses – A Look At The Process

    How they made their DPM line of sunglasses from start to finish. I’m a sucker for “making of” and documentary style videos.  Very inspiring. The process of making the camouflage acetate itself over at Mazzucchelli 1949 is incredible. Check out more on the DPM collection over at IVI.  Prices for various models appear to be…

  • Bally Camouflage Sunglasses

    Flip the script on the regular tortoise shell pattern: I like these, subtle enough to be stylish with pretty much anything. € 250 ($339 USD).  If you’re interested hit up the store locator on the Bally website product page.

  • Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow M16 Sunglasses

    If the military made these standard issue it would further complicate “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”: There would definitely be some fabulous soldiers walking around.  How much more would enemies hate the U.S. if they knew everyone had ~$500 designer sunglasses issued as a part of their kit.   Sheeeeeeeeeeit…. almost makes me wish it would happen. Available…