Tag: winter

  • Mastermind x Alpha Industries N-3B Parka

    Collaborate with Japan – triple the price: The ¥48,300 ($574 USD) collab looks startlingly similar to the standard N-3B parka that Alpha Industries already sells for only $176. You have to ask yourself, is a tonal skull and crossbones applique on each elbow worth $398 to you?  Is it?! If you answered yes to that question they…

  • Bloody Smurf Winter Camouflage Down Jacket

    As the title says, that is the only way I can accurately describe this: The jacket is made by Undercover, who happens to have one of the most confusing websites I’ve ever visited. £1,050 ($1685 USD) available over at Oki-Ni.  Even the model looks slightly embarrassed.

  • Concepts x Sorel Kitchener Winter Boot

    Stay fresh even when the mercury falls: Full grain leather upper, seam sealed waterproof construction, contrast colored sole.  Add those camouflage accents and you’ve got a nice looking boot for only $50 more than what you would have paid for the plain old Kitchener boot.  You really can’t go wrong with Sorel.  I’ve had a…

  • WTAPS Gulf Jacket

    Another solid choice for winter from WTAPS: Source – Honeyee I am unsure why this is called the “gulf” jacket.  Gulf war? Persian gulf? Gulf of Mexico? Either way it’s a pretty badass looking jacket. In addition to olive drab (pictured) it is also available in black from GIP-Store and Authorized dealers for ¥61,950 ($773 USD)