Overprinted And Embellished Light Military Jacket

A collaboration between Japanese brands LABRAT and WACKO MARIA:


Interesting enough offering until I saw the “Guilty Parties” rockers on the jacket pictured on the right, and the name tapes on the left jacket, one of which reads “UPSETTER”.  Seems to me like an anti military statement, which I am definitely not a fan of.

What’s the deal with the “Marvelous” patch?  Looks out of place, like something off a mechanic’s work jacket.

¥36,750 ($470 USD) at Berberjin


One response to “Overprinted And Embellished Light Military Jacket”

  1. “Upsetter” possibly a reference to legendary reggae producer Lee “Scratch” Perry—it was his nickname and his band was called The Upsetters.