SOPHNET Quilted Camouflage Blouson

An understated fall/winter offering from Japanese retailer SOPHNET:

¥58,800 ($752 USD) over at SOPHNET

In my opinion, spending $752 on a blouson doesn’t make you a pretentious douchebag.  Calling it a blouson, and not a jacket does.  Please, for the sake of your manhood and maintaining your current circle of friends, never use that word.


6 responses to “SOPHNET Quilted Camouflage Blouson”

  1. Awesome new blog as I said before, Mike, but I really have to come out and say it if nobody else is going to. These things are (kinda) neat to look at and everything, but maybe a post now and then with things we can actually afford or would want to afford. I kinda get that this was your point with the post itself, but still.

    I’d be interested to know if anyone from over at ENDO has every bought a $700 jacket??

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I have several $1000+ jackets and I’m sure plenty of people that read ENDO do to. Like ENDO, i’m doing Milcentric for entertainment. You might not enjoy as many posts here as you do on ENDO, and from what you said, your priorities don’t include spending lot of money on clothes and that’s alright… not everything I post about is going to be affordable for everyone, and won’t be of interest to everyone. That’s the perils of writing a blog and also of following one. I hope you’ll stick around, but if not I understand.

      1. LiquiFlorian Avatar

        Well, most expensive jacket I’ve bought was a $250 SPEAR knock off from Cabellas… I dig men’s fashion but can’t really afford it.

        The Japanese do shit like this though… Their buzz rickson’s are like $600 too, and its just a bomber jacket. I’m sure its nice as fuck, but still…

  2. Okay, so I guess I shouldn’t just hate and skate. I like the idea of this new deal and all but I’m thinking sprinkle a little stuff like this into the mix.

    I kinda get the feeling you’re going for more of this, however.

    lmfao Mike, I had to bro just joking buddy.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha nice! That last one is the best.

  3. I like everything except for the toggles…