Custom Military Diaper Cover

Get your baby into military fashion early:

Available from seller Kay Church on Etsy for $16.  Comes in a wide range of different camouflages, and is lined with a waterproof breathable polyurethane laminate to keep messes inside.  Snaps, tabs, and elastic ensure a good fit on your baby.

Extras such as embroidery, ruffles, name tape, patches etc. are available for a small fee.

I like seeing unique options like this for a reasonable price.  People need to start dressing their babies in clothing besides the standard stuff everyone is buying.

Hat tip: Burp/Simon


3 responses to “Custom Military Diaper Cover”

  1. Love it. I just had twins. These would be awesome.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Awesome!!!!! Congrats Tim!!!!

  2. Hi there I understand you have CADPAT covers? Do you make AIO’s?