Forestbound Bags From Salvaged Vintage Military Fabrics

WWII Canvas & Leather Carryall:

WWII Canvas Duffel Bag:

Created from worn-in canvas salvaged from a WWII era US military duffel bags, Forestbound reworked the fabric into a durable new bags.  Handles made from WWII era cotton webbing and reinforced with a medium brown leather.

Although you can get a similar look by distressing new materials, it’s very expensive to do and is just never as good.  Having someone’s actual name stamp or handwritten last name etc. on your bag, and knowing the material came from an item in use during WWII is very neat.

The two bags pictured are available for $320 and $280 respectively over at Forestbound.  Since the materials are all unique, the bags are basically 1 of 1 as far as the look goes.  If you’re keeping an eye on the site and you see one pop up that you like, it’s best to grab it quickly.


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  1. Those are pretty dope.