Supreme x Mark Gonzales Screw Up An M-51 Jacket

Supreme linked up with OG influential pro skateboarder Mark Gonzales for this:

Available in Navy, OD, and Woodland Camouflage (Pictured) for $298 over at Supreme.  Not bad right? WRONG… look what they silk screened on the back of every jacket:

I’m so sick of every marginally person being designated as an artist just because they scribble some lines down on a page.  Wait.. before I put my foot in my mouth… a quick google search to make sure Mark Gonzales isn’t mentally retarded… Nope he’s not Jacket = ruined.


One response to “Supreme x Mark Gonzales Screw Up An M-51 Jacket”

  1. This is common in the “action sport” community. These guys are all artist and there sponsors put the scribbles on tee and showcase it. Tragic!!