Kevlar-Carbon Matrix Socks That Will Never Wear Out

Socrates.  A sock Kickstarter campaign inspired by declassified military technology:

Socrates Sock Co. employs the first business-casual application of Kevlar. These socks are for people that hate having to replace socks because of toe holes, drooping fabric, or worn bottoms. Most people wear socks every day, all day, but continue to buy flimsy products. Break the cycle! Your socks should be as sophisticated as you are.

Made In the USA too.  I know I’ll buy a few pairs if they are as durable as they sound.  I don’t wear through socks that quickly, but I do find it irritating even once they start to get thin.

As you can see (left) the Kickstarter campaign is already way over funded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get in on the action. A pledge of $25 gets you two pairs of socks (free shipping) and you choose the style/color.

I’m quite surprised I haven’t heard of someone else using this type of fabric technology in socks. It seems like such a natural application as long as the fibers are of comparable softness to what is used in regular socks.

I know that I really scrutinize design and presentation more than the average person, but in my opinion the guy behind Socrates could stand to have put a lot more effort into making his graphics, video presentation, and company website a lot more professional looking.


One response to “Kevlar-Carbon Matrix Socks That Will Never Wear Out”

  1. I destroy dress socks. This sounds like a cool idea. But I love/hate the kickstarter programs. It’s like the nicest way to beg for money, but I do support the idea of supporting a great design….