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  • Shots Fired At Over All Master Cloth

    Just in case you thought kevlar shoes would save your feet from a barrage of gunfire: Good looking shoe.  Trust OAMC to do it right. I’ve never been as much for low’s as mid’s though.  Hopefully these will drop in a mid, and blow my mind. You can grab these for $868 over at UNION.

  • Kevlar-Carbon Matrix Socks That Will Never Wear Out

    Socrates.  A sock Kickstarter campaign inspired by declassified military technology: Socrates Sock Co. employs the first business-casual application of Kevlar. These socks are for people that hate having to replace socks because of toe holes, drooping fabric, or worn bottoms. Most people wear socks every day, all day, but continue to buy flimsy products. Break…