Charlie Banana Camouflage Cloth Diapers

The Boot Camp collection:

They should have got a licence for multicam!

Available on the Charlie Banana website, and at U.S. retail locations January 2013.

I can’t wrap my head around the idea of re-usable diapers.  I like the idea from an environmental standpoint, but unless you do a lot of scraping wouldn’t your washing machine just get caked in poop?  I see that Charlie Banana does offer a disposable insert, if washable isn’t your thing.

If you want to keep your kid in camouflage, but stay buying disposable diapers make sure to check out the camouflage diaper covers I posted about last week.


One response to “Charlie Banana Camouflage Cloth Diapers”

  1. You dump the solid poop into the toilet* and flush it away and are left with a diaper with streaks in it, then you wash it with (an extra rinse cycle helps) and you’re good to go. For messier poops you may have to swish it around in the toilet, but preferably you use a diaper sprayer (like this that attaches to your toilet and washes all the solids off prior to washing. We used cloth diapers with my son and it really wasn’t a big deal.

    It’s not just good from an environmental perspective, but from an economical standpoint as well. From birth to potty training, you’ll spend a couple thousand dollars on disposable diapers, as opposed to a couple hundred dollars for cloth diapers (or much less, depending on which diapers you choose). And these can be reused for subsequent children, bringing your cost even lower.

    And this is gonna sound even weirder to you I’m sure, but there’s quite a market for used cloth diapers. You can resell your cloth diapers and usually recover half of your initial investment, and some brands with limited edition prints actually can be resold for much more. I bought a used cloth diaper at a consignment store for $4 that happened to be a rare, sought after print and sold it for $80. All for something that’s usually covered up by pants! Go figure.

    *You’re actually supposed to dump the solids out of disposable diapers as well, but nobody does.