WTAPS x Timex Military Watch Better Be Cheap

The result of a collab between WTAPS and Timex:

Yawn… all I can say is it better be cheap.  Essentially they took the  Timex Camper model watch (pictured right), and threw the word WTAPS on it.

The Timex Camper is going for $25 on Amazon, and something tells me that WTAPS logo is going to demand quite the premium.

UPDATE: The price will be ¥12,600 ($158 USD) *smh*


3 responses to “WTAPS x Timex Military Watch Better Be Cheap”

  1. I had a Camper. it was a little small for my taste.

  2. We actually do the reusable diaper thing. I wasn’t sure about it in the beginning but it is pretty easy, especially if you have a newer front loading machine and they can tumble for an extended time. You can buy them online/ebay/co-ops for quite a bit cheaper than retail and we did the math and they have paid for themselves in 7 months, which is good because we will use them much longer.

  3. That’s embarrassing. I hope someone points this out to the company.