Uniform Experiment x John Smedly

An expensive way to show your support for the NAVY:

Also available in grey over at SOPH shop for ¥39,900 ($496 USD).  All I can say is it better be comfortable.

John Smedley is based in Great Britian and is best known for his knitwear.



6 responses to “Uniform Experiment x John Smedly”

  1. So not to talk shit Mike, but this is the type of post that threw me off and so I took a couple months off from viewing the milcentric side of things. So I come back and you’re seriously posting a $500 long-sleeve navy blue Navy sweater? C’mon man what is this site supposed to be about exactly? I was hoping you would kinda listen to the crew from ENDO and start finding stuff that was in any way rational or cool. Guess not. Good luck with milcentric but I gotta tell ya bro I’m not coming back.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I always get a kick out of these “i’m never coming back” type comments. There’s no hard feelings but telling me really wasn’t necessary. A lot of people can’t afford $500 sweaters, a lot can. Regardless of if you can or cannot, if you don’t enjoy seeing what’s out there that’s fine and I understand why this blog wouldn’t interest you in the least bit.

      1. Gotta say that’s one big ass cop-out, Mike. Out of a dozen or more pages here you might find a half dozen comments, even fewer of which are positive regarding content. I really like the idea behind what’s going on here, but execution is kinda strange. My question to you was why even post this? A $10 cotton sweater with a $00.50 printed logo and a $500 price tag and all you can add to that absurdity is you hope it’s comfortable? C’mon man, we have a lot more respect for you than that for good reason. You’re on the same page as most of us most of the time regarding the living thing that is love of guns. I know this is not the ENDO blog, and nor should it be. It should be a new place with new things and ideas. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is super stoked or maybe even slightly interested in a navy blue sweater to begin with, let alone one that costs so much, so the question is what’s actually going on here? Please come up with some cool shoes and tshirts that we might want and might be able to afford. When you say plenty want and can afford something like this, I wonder why they haven’t posted the fact that they love it, bought it, and crave more of the same. Just hear us out for a little while regarding what you post and how you post it and maybe we can all mesh like we have on ENDO. I’m not posting these comments to cause you dismay or detract from what you’re doing here, but I get the feeling that any constructive or otherwise critical views we post here are going hopelessly unheard for an as yet unknown reason. And you’re right, I may have been a bit reactionary to say I’m never coming back here. Obviously I am. I hope you understand that I do wish you the best and obviously you’re doing very well over at ENDO selling shirts and awesome glock stocks. But you’re doing more than just that. You’re helping to shape and create a space in which many people find it comfortable to share ideas and maybe even a culture. I guess I just crave a similar experience here at MILCENTRIC.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Man I don’t know what to tell you.. again I’ll say it’s unfortunate that you’re not liking this blog. Luckily I work for myself, so I don’t have a mandate from anyone else on what I can / can’t do or say, which I also know is a main reason for ENDO’s success. This blog may eventually be incredibly popular as well, and it might not… either way I’ll keep doing it the way I want to do it for as long as I am still enjoying it.

          If you think comments = popularity you’re right to a certain extent because it’s the law of probability that the more people that see the article the more will comment. Already I get several hundred people a day regularly visiting here even though there are basically zero comments. An example is popular tech blog Engaget.com who gets around 250 million page views per month, but lots of times has less comments on a post than an average ENDO post which gets a fraction of that exposure. I’m not attempting to engage the audience in discussion on MILcentric, because frankly what is there to discuss? “Do you like the sweatshirt or not?” Really that’s the only question I could ask unless I wanted to de-rail the post off on a tangent discussion about something else. Do I care if someone likes the sweatshirt? No not at all, but you seem pretty worked up that a $500 sweatshirt with some screen printing even exists though, so as funny as it sounds I consider that a success. If I posted about a Black Friday sale Target will be having on their RealTree camo shirts, and how they sell 5.56mm brass bottle openers I’m guessing you would care just as little.

          How many of your friends (and people you know) that are into shooting / guns also spend a lot of money on clothing? Do they care that 10 people they know own the same shirt/jacket/pants etc.. as them? In my circle there is no one but me that cares about things like that. Clothing is a huge part of my life, and different aspects surrounding it are taking up more and more of my time every day. I knew this blog wasn’t going to appeal to the same audience in general that ENDO appeals to, and that doesn’t bother me at all. Think of MILcentric as a visual public set of bookmarks; occasionally of items I plan on purchasing, and often of items I think are interesting for one reason or another… price, materials, color combinations, garment construction, marketing strategy, labeling etc.. etc…

          Hope that cleared a few things up!

  2. I agree with hyde, between this the $7700 half bomber fagjacket, and ugly as shit Bathing Apes almost everything clothing here is not just shit but ridiculously over priced shit. How can any self respecting man wear one of those half bomber jackets even at $1000 much less $7700? I don’t care how much money I have I’m not buying useless crap. I won’t say I’ll never be back but please post up some good gear for halfway decent prices every now and then. I thought Danner boots and Arc’Teryx stuff was a little expensive but looking at crap like this makes me feel a little better about spending 2-300 on some high quality good looking boots. I think just about everyone that would read a blog like this wouldn’t be remotely interested in buying one of these sweaters or those half bombers especially not at these prices. If you could post up some quality, fuctional, and good looking gear with high values you would really help us out then maybe I can justify getting that night vision sooner than later. Buying $500 sweatshirts means I’ll personally never be able to afford night vision. Ridiculously expensive stuff is ok sometimes but even then it would be nice if it was somewhat desirable.

  3. Ok when I said amost everything clothing related here is shit I was being a little harsh. Most of it is probably overpriced though and little of it nothing more than fashionable. I’d just like to see more clothes that look good are highly functional AND represent value for the common non metrosexual, work hard play hard man.