• Tell Them About Your Stitch Pattern Son

    Camouflage seed stitch Polo from SOPH: This ain’t no weak ass stitching like you’d find on a JC Penny camo polo.  Your seed stitch required so much more labor;  there’s the reason your shirt cost a grip, along with the SOPH scorpion logo embroidery .  If you’re going to start bragging to people about the stitch pattern of…

  • Business Casual Camouflage Button-up

    Attire to make them re-write the dress code: Imagine the look on the CEO’s face when he sees you and realizes that you can not be conformed.  Sure, navigating the iceberg filled waters of the corporate dress code isn’t rocket science, but you’ll likely get a raise for being the only one to successfully find…

  • Uniform Experiment x John Smedly

    An expensive way to show your support for the NAVY: Also available in grey over at SOPH shop for ¥39,900 ($496 USD).  All I can say is it better be comfortable. John Smedley is based in Great Britian and is best known for his knitwear.