Forward March : Two Brothers’ Journey Of Home And Restoration

A look at how two brothers both special forces / special ops coped with coming home:

You saw the trailer earlier here on the blog… this is the full feature.

It’s really worth watching to see how much some soldiers sacrifice both physically and mentally.  (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury and (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are just a sample of non visible injuries soldiers come home with.

It’s really good to see these guys giving back, and trying to help their own.


One response to “Forward March : Two Brothers’ Journey Of Home And Restoration”

  1. I have and suffer from PTSD as well as a few other symptoms. What has helped for me and my issues is and was Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). It has helped and continues to help with my memory and physical difficulties. I hope this can get to both of the Spooner’s. I deal with the physical pain as well as the mental pain. You are not alone my brothers.