Adidas Ransom Military Trail Runner

Nice silhouette and materials ruined by a bad upper sole color:


If you haven’t already gathered by reading the blog, I am extremely picky.  I won’t buy anything if it’s not almost perfect in my mind.  Fine that’s a lie, I might buy it but I definitely won’t be happy with it and probably will not use/wear it more than a couple times before I’m too irritated by its shortcomings.

I would like to see the sole black on this shoe… and if it wasn’t a running shoe also make that part thinner:



Just a poorly done mockup I made, but it looks way better in my opinion.

You can get the white sole version at No. 74 Berlin for €130 ($174 USD)


3 responses to “Adidas Ransom Military Trail Runner”

  1. a sharpie could correct that, but at that price, i souldn’t have to fix design failures.

  2. MS paint ftw

  3. good good