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  • Adidas Ransom Military Trail Runner

    Nice silhouette and materials ruined by a bad upper sole color: If you haven’t already gathered by reading the blog, I am extremely picky.  I won’t buy anything if it’s not almost perfect in my mind.  Fine that’s a lie, I might buy it but I definitely won’t be happy with it and probably will…

  • Adidas Originals In Desert Camouflage

    Pimping out the Superstar II: In my opinion it would have worked better if they made the sole and toe cap black.  This still looks nice, but white soles are hell to keep clean long-term. ¥7,770 ($85 USD) over at Kinetics.

  • Jeremy Scott Adidas Plush Camouflage Bear High Top Shoes

    The most ridiculous collab ever with Jeremy Scott… and that’s saying a lot:       $289 available for pre-order over at LuisaViaRoma.  Arrival by March 31st. The fact the shoe exists is bad enough.  $289? :/.  The fact it will likely sell out just because Jeremy Scott was involved?  Strike III.