Doubling Down – Dual Ear Sets On The Hat

If you’re a grown-ass man, shit like this is never considered acceptable:



£212 ($341 USD) over at Oki-Ni.

It quickly became obvious to me that designer Bernhard Willhelm has been pushing envelopes in the game for a while now.. dude has quite a few weird products out, and a incredibly shitty website which is very hard to navigate.  That last point alone garners a crazy amount of designer street cred.   I’m not sure why he thought a single set of ears on a hat would be acceptable, much less two sets of ears and some weird looking tusk type ventilation area right over the visor.  It looks like some high school sewing class project the surly goth girl in your class put together.  The teacher gave her an A because her stitches were tight, and she really committed to the audacity of the idea.  It’s important to note that goth chicks are scary when they get mad, and teachers are terrified of hexes.

I know some of you are probably thinking I’d have a different opinion if the designer went with Multicam rather than woodland on the visor.  SHUT UP! NUH UH, NO I WOULDN’T!#^!@


3 responses to “Doubling Down – Dual Ear Sets On The Hat”

  1. Seriously? Looks like Shrek’s ears… just… you know… uglier… and double.

  2. OH MY GOD I posted the first comment BEFORE going to the dude’s website.

    Why is this guy allowed to sell this crap? I know mentally-disabled people should be supported and all, but c’mon !

  3. If someone has the coin for a $341 dollar hat then their manager/consultant/butler should step in and tell them this is redonkulous. Go buy some Filson (which that price will get you, like, two of their hats) and look classy, player.