Comme Des Garcons Blesses A Tee With Disney – Mickey Commeflage

CDG put their ridiculous heart logo aside for once, got the Disney blessing and hit the cotton running:


£125 ($209 USD) over at END Clothing.

I bet you didn’t even know camo blocking was so hot right now.  I didn’t either, but know I know.   Add prototype looking Mickey Mouse sketches to it, a Mickey multicam into the mix, and what you have is a witches brew of straight fire.

If I would have known about this before I went to Disney Land with my family this Christmas I would have copped and stunted on all the basic park goers.  Instead, doing as I normally do, I packed a massive duffle bag and a carry-on backpack full of clothes and shoes…. Did I wear all/most of it?  Nope, I wore the same pair of raw denim I’ve been trying to break in, and just changed socks, underwear, and my t-shirt (ENDO Apparel of course) all week.

Side note: I didn’t forget about this blog, don’t worry.  I’ve been crazy busy with ENDO though, so that’s been taking up most of my time.  I’ll try my best to get posts up here more regularly!  Thanks to all of you that still are subscribed and check back!


5 responses to “Comme Des Garcons Blesses A Tee With Disney – Mickey Commeflage”

  1. Regulus Avatar

    lol i like

  2. hydepark Avatar

    I just don’t get it Mike. This blog is like the anti-ENDO. Everything here is lame as hell or gay as fuck. It seems all it takes to get shit posted here (extremely infrequently, btw) is for it to be hideous, pompous, and outrageously expensive (fucking hundreds of dollars for total shit t-shirts and thousands for anything else????). The better-than-you attitude in the writing doesn’t help either. The people at ENDO made you what you are, even though you apparently don’t even sell Glock stocks anymore (how long have you had “more coming soon” posted over there, anyway???), and you come here to flaunt yourself?

    Maybe you would get more than one comment a month if some of that changed. Until then, I visit here with a sideshow or horrible highway wreck like perspective. I don’t want to be here, but I’ll show up now and then just to see how awful and pathetic things have gotten (or stayed, in this case).

    And I’m honestly not intentionally trolling. I know you and I have discussed this before, but it just really does baffle me how this site can be so radically different from ENDO. I respect what you’ve done for yourself, but this blog literally makes zero sense. Does ANYONE buy ANY of the shit you post here? How many unique hits a month? Maybe I’m just missing the whole picture? Not trying to offend, just trying to understand.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I get it, this blog is “lame” , “gay” etc… I’m really looking the most forward to getting the link to your blog someday so I can see how it’s done. It seems like you like ENDO (or sort of like some of the stuff I post on there anyway) and that’s cool. Plenty of people LOVE ENDO and plenty of people can’t stand ENDO and that makes zero difference to me. I’ll keep doing whatever the hell I want to until the day I die because frankly if you start tying to please everyone you’re going to please no one. You don’t need to understand it. Some of the things I buy, come out with in 2014 and beyond, and blog about etc.. will have you shaking your head and some of them you might like. You can live your live and run your business, blog, work life etc. however you see fit and I’m happy for you. If you can’t afford few hundred dollar t-shirts, think they are gay, or just have better stuff to spend your money on that’s cool too. If I had the time I would update this blog daily, but I don’t. I hope I can get back into posting regularly here again soon because I’m just as much immersed in the clothing world as ever, and despite you not liking my “tone” on the posts I enjoy writing them immensely. From running a highly successful blog yourself, you should know that comments don’t equal visits. Even if they did, so what if I wanted to keep writing to 1 visitor every 2 months?

      1. hydepark Avatar

        Good to see you’re still responding to criticism like a child. Still no response on the Glock stocks either.

  3. Buzzy243 Avatar

    Aww hell yeah! Mike is posting again!

    And Mil-Centric has it’s very own troll too! (Thanks hydepark! I laugh almost as much reading angry/trolling comments as I do when reading Mike’s posts with his “better-than-you attitude”.)